I Don't Know 'Jack' About That!

Well who knew that there was such a versatile sustainable fruit growing in the tropics that could become a staple part of our diet in the next few decades? As the human need for a more plant based diet becomes necessity rather than choice as we will no longer be able to produce meat at the current level for all the people on the earth the jack fruit is a perfect meat like go-to. 

Recipe: Chicken & Sprout Stuffed Jackets

In the words of the legendary Nigella Lawson, this is more of a framework than a recipe and, definitely one you should try if brussels are not normally a veg that graces your plate! So many people say they don't like brussel sprouts, basing that opinion on soggy, mushy, marble sized, blobs of green. I can see where they're coming from if that is their only experience of the winter vegetable. But let me tell you, sprouts, treated properly can be so much better than that...

Recipe: Almond, Date & Apricot Bites

I don't know about you, but often if I have an admin day and am sitting at the computer for long periods of time processing orders, ordering deliveries and catching up with emails and customers, I get a bit peckish come 11 o'clock.