The Sweet Things Savoury story begins in 2008, Ginny explains how it all came about...

"Ok so I think I was probably about 5 years old when I first realised I liked making stuff. I must have driven my mother mad; scissors, paper, wool, salt dough…. really anything I could get my hands on I would be putting it together to make into something. I think at the age of 10 I went through a grass skirt phase making them out of newspapers, age 12 it was chairs and sofas for my Barbie dolls made from salt dough and then at age 13, pigs!!! Just their heads made with fimo…. As time went on and I got older it turned into card making and paper crafts and, in the background, there was creative writing, reading, drawing, cooking….

The first cakes happened when my eldest two stepchildren’s birthdays were approaching. They were turning 4 and 5. Strolling through the shops thinking of them, I came across the birthday cakes. By the time I’d analysed the selection I had fully convinced myself that I could do it better, I’d got the cake baking down I just needed to learn to decorate.

Armed with a plan I went to the local cake decorating/party shop and got the basics plus a Debbie Brown cake decorating book. Long story short….I did it……I loved it……. And I’ve never looked back. Sweet Things was launched. So yes, I’m completely self-taught but with many many hours and over twenty years behind me I do class myself as a professional cake artist. I think it was said that 10,000 hours is what it requires….

The Catering side of Sweet Things Savoury came quite naturally with a household of 5 boys and a husband to cook for. Cooking has always been a large part of my life and with a working background in food it was not a hard choice to decide to expand the business. What really swayed the decision was Marty, my husband. He is my rock and we love working together and to be able to do this as a team and family would be a dream. Working together is on hold at the moment unfortunately due to his health with bad knees and bad back but the long-term goal is there… However, the catering is rocking and rolling and going from strength to strength, I absolutely love it. We now have a team of 5 working regularly in the business and we have more expansion plans for the not too distant future.

Life has not always been easy, as a child growing up, it was a very suppressive atmosphere and creativity became my outlet. I would say it saved my life (sounds drastic I know but I am really not being melodramatic). It formed who I am and runs strongly in my blood… I feel very grateful to be able to share my gift with you.

Thank you"

Ginny x